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So, there’s this book called 50 Shades of Grey. Last night Lindsay explained to me what it was and how huge it’s grown. Intrigued, but short on time to read it for the anthropological exercise or even for the lulz, I took my research-fu to the Google beast.

I get it. It’s reconstituted Twilight fanfiction, cleaned up so it can be published as a story of its own. We’ve seen this happen before (Cassandra Clare, my old HP fandom folks?). It’s a thing. This dame did it. She’s making oodles of money and she’s published and I’m not, so she’s already ahead of the game.
I’m not really interested in that side of the debate. No, the thing that’s gotten my dander up is that the majority of articles they aren't lambasting the poor writing, or the cringe-worthy depiction of a BDSM relationship, but they are dismissing it on the merits of who is buying it; “Mommy Porn” they call it with cool condescension.

I can sneer at something because it sucks. Because the writing is bads. Because the characters are flat. But sneering at something because it's porn that mommies are reading?


Now this isn’t where I confess to you, gentle reader, what gets me off; but when it comes to “porn”--literary or visual--whatever doesn’t hurt or coerce someone into something they don’t want to do is A-OK in my book. If a book about (what sounds to be a rather emotionally unsafe) BDSM heterosexual relationship floats your boat, four for Glenn Coco, you go, Glenn Coco. You like reading hot and heavy NC-17 fanfiction about your favorite characters? Rock that Kink Meme until the break of day! Imagining sexy times with another being (human or otherwise) gets you bothered in the good way? Awesome-sauce.

Yea, I’ve been told by a good authority that 50 Shades of Gray is 50 types of crap, and I’m sure if I read it I’d have some Words about the story’s merits and the like. But can we please get over this thing we do where we insult a work simply by insulting the people that seem to enjoy it, guilty pleasure or not?

Guess what. People like sex. Women like porn, mommies included.

I mean, every once in a while I’ll reread Naomi Novak’s pre-Temeraire fanfiction because holy cow, her Maturin/Aubrey stuff makes me VERY happy.

That's right. I said it. I read Age-of-Sail slash.

Come at me, bro.

POST SCRIPT: So in my curiosity I looked up Novak’s fanfiction again, and she has since written Alexander Hamilton/George Washington slashfic for Yuletide Treasure. EVEN THOUGH we ALL know that Hamilton and Laurens were the true OTP of the Washingtonian Trifecta of Orphaned Boys What Fought for American Independence!--

I’m going to stop there.

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Comic Jim Gaffigan has a bit about McDonalds that shares your theme, Nella. He says when he brings up McDonalds there's always one person who sneers at it, but he points out that even if we don't 'eat' McDonalds, we all have some secret McDonalds... you read Twilight? That's your McDonalds. You enjoy Howard the Duck the movie? That's your McDonalds. Addicted to Second Life? That's your McDonalds. Everyone needs either a metaphorical or literal Big Mac once in a while...

From: (Anonymous)

Where have they been.

Where were all these people when "Don't Argue with your Vampire" and "Real Vampires Hate their Thighs" were published? There are worse things, people. Shadowdancer could tell you stories....

From: (Anonymous)

So yeah...

...shame on me for knowing this, but the acronym is actually "BDSM". :P

From: [personal profile] kag523

*slow claps*

Saw this on twitter, and just wanted to give you the kudos this deserves. Bravo for standing up and saying it! K ;)

From: (Anonymous)

Damn you Nella! you're * and ** addendums made me, honest to god, shoot milk out my nose (damn that hurts)
but utterly worth the belly laugh. good way to start a day off, which sadly i weighed down with chores.
finely written, afirming blogpost and a good laugh will start you're day nicely ^^d

[insert tastful innuendo about ending dry spell, spiked with compliments]

From: (Anonymous)

Nella blog makes the world go around.

Nella I'm surprised half the TGWTG fanfase is ravishing to be at your door. I certainly would be! I think what ever someone gets off to is fine. There is always a fetish for anyone.

From: (Anonymous)

Mommy Porn and Me (and me)

Nella, heaps 'o' praise to you for speaking out on this. When I was at Uni, I got a job updating a DVD buying/selling company's website and at least twice a week it was my turn to do the "Adult Section". This taught me that when it comes to skin material, it is literally different strokes for different folks. So I think we are in the same camp where porn is concerned.

But I was recently called a "fucking idiot" and "wanker" for confessing that I did not enjoy the Twilight Series (in fact I only saw the first, decided it sucked balls and vowed never to watch the others).

Unfortunately this judgemental attitude is rife, is this link proves...THANX 1D FANS....IT MAKES ME PROUD TO BE BRITISH!!!


Graham (Mnky) Munn
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From: [personal profile] jps

Buuuuut I like sneering at things, mostly because I am jealous.
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From: [personal profile] innocentsmith

+1000 to all of this. It's this weird combination of "Ladies shouldn't like sex!" and "People who like sex too much are icky!" and "Anyone who I personally wouldn't want to picture having sex shouldn't even be thinking about it!" I can't even with that kind of bullshit.

(Also, that Washington/Hamilton fic was amazing. I held off on reading it for a long time because WTF, Founding Fathers slash?! Not that I don't know people in 1776 fandom, but still, not my cup of tea. But the worldbuilding and the magic is amazing - very much in the mode of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and once I read it I wanted a dozen more stories in the same 'verse.)
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