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Everything you remember is wrong.

Three months ago the universe was in deadly peril. Our mentors and our guardians and our parents... they were summoned to battle a great and terrible evil...

They left us in charge...

...and we died.

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"The trick is that Marvel has always been to a large extent the world around us. It has to be evocative of the world around us, the feelings people are feeling. At the same time, it’s a superhero comic, so you take real-world concerns and you put a Marvel face on it." -- Mark Waid

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"These vampires aren't your typical vampires ... which sounds like a huge cliche, right? But they aren't pretty, or well-spoken or connected to the secret vampire covens or any of that crap. Hell, they're barely interested in being vampires. They don't even really know the rules!

They're just good simple people who want the same things we do. They want peace, and they want to be safe. And yeah, they want to drink beer and tell jokes."

- Donny Cates

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In 1998, Roger Stern started a series simply called MARVEL UNIVERSE, that seemed to be a look into the secret history of the Marvel Universe. The first three issues showed the Invaders, one of the many origins of HYDRA, and Peter Parker's grandfather.

Yes, Peter Parker's grandfather.

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The Young Justice TV tie in comic was fairly unique insamuch as it works in parallel with the broadcast series. Events from the series were referenced in it and even more unusually plot points from the TV series were revealed or expanded in the comic. (This is probably because the comic was written by Greg Weisman, also the story editor for the series itself and he believes in cross marketing)

Case in point a long time Batman villain who had a new origin, and one which ties into a rather unexpected character; The Daughter of the Demon herself;

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They came to us thousands of years ago. Gods. Aliens. Refugees of a fallen civilization.

For centuries they ruled, intermingling with humanity. Creating generation after generation of daemons, faeries, and demigods.

The first generation of heroes and villains.

And then one day, something happened. Something terrible followed our rulers from their lost home world.

The Gods fell, defending the Earth. Their empire crumbled, and only the most remote spark of their seed survived within our species.

And they never told us what it was they were running from.

They never told us what it was that could frighten a god.

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