So, there has been no greater distraction this NaNo than the forum boards over at That Guy With the Glasses. Not even ONTD_Startrek has had as great a sirens' call—shocking, I know.

There are multiple amusing threads over there, and amusing for a multiple of reasons. But the one that's been tickling me the pinkest at the moment is the Is Miss Ellis a Hottie? thread on Lindsay's board, and mainly because of the segway from whether she is a 'hottie' or not, to vegetarianism; or more precisely, "Hrum, not all that keen on vegetarianism"/"ARGH MY VEGAN GIRLFRIEND ONCE THREW OUT MY BACON! MY! BACON! NOOOOOOOO NOT MY BACON!"

Which, as always, makes me think about Chesterton, and his praise of the Vegetable in it's Purest Form—


G. K. Chesterton – 'The Logical Vegetarian' )


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