...Or, my favorite moment at MAGFest 2012.

I think I used up every last bit of luck I had for 2012 in one glorious fell swoop. I probably should have been a little more stingy with it, saved it up for a rainy day, but I blew it all at MAGfest...


“…The DEUCE?” you say.

Allow me to explain… )
First, there was Lindsay's review of My Little Pony, which included video of me re-telling with old My Little Ponies pulled from my parent's attic a popular childhood story I played as a Wee Nella (albeit with more big girl words for the video, but the heart of the story remained).

Then--thanks to popular demand--the the (mostly) unabridged video of my 'pony epic' was posted.

And then...there was the scholarly deconstruction posted at That Guy With the Glasses by Oancitizen, entitled, My Toy Collection for a Horse: Gender Roles and Comparative Mythology in Nella's Pony Epic

Dear Oancitizen;

First, the very fact that you gave a shout out to Shakespeare's Richard III with your title of this scholarly masterpiece endeared me straight away; "a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!" Richard cried, and by god you ran with it. As it might be said, my prepubescent subversion of my judo-christian-greco-roman-centricity was showing. Who knew someone else could so impressively deconstruct the psyche of my childhood self, circa 5-8 years of age?

Also, I now intend to introduce "whoreducator" into everyday speech. I suspect my coworkers will be confused at first, but that it will quickly catch on.

In conclusion, with my compliments:

Well Done, Sir.