So, [community profile] ontd_startrek and [community profile] ontd_ai are having a Fundraiser-Off for Haiti. That's right. Two lj fandoms are duking it out to see which can raise the most money for Haiti in 48 hours.

In the RedshirtCommand Gold corner we have [community profile] ontd_startrek, wank-free (…enough) GQMFs since May 2009, and weighting in at 7280 members!

In the Fuckin' FABULOUS Sparkly corner, we have [community profile] ontd_ai (No, that's not an ONTD for me, those aren't my initials but American Idol's), macro-fierce, 5689 strong and ready to either beat ONTD_Startrek, or have sex with ONDT_Startrek.

Why I'm telling you?

If you can, donate, go to the ONTD_Startrek UNIFEC page and DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

And then pimp this to everyone you know, and their mothers. Or maybe not their mothers. But everyone else.

IF YOU CAN'T DONATE—PIMP IT ANYWAY. You have LJs. Twitters. Facebooks.

Yea, maybe it looks ridiculous, with all the glitter text, fandom-slang tossing, friendly cock-slapping. BUT IT IS AWESOME, because it's fandom coming together to do what needs doing. And because no matter who wins, NO ONE LOSES.

So! Come and lend your support! Whether it's with ONTD_AI or ONTD_Startrek I don't give two figs! Though, come on, ONTD_AI is going DOWN harder than Warp 11! But the deadline for this fundraiser-off is Saturday 9am (pacific time).


The ONTD_Startrek UNICEF donation page

For those of you without money: DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. Do what you can to get the word out, and keep people who can give a little giving. If you are an artist, consider donating your abilities to [community profile] help_haiti. With a lack of stable infrastructure even before this tragedy, Haiti is going to need help LONG after we've moved onto the next big story.
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