So. Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I am impressed. No, really. I’m IMPRESSED. I mean, how can you take a beloved cartoon, one BRIMMING with excellent characters, joys and trials and tribulations and friendship and betrayals and and and—

Cut out EVERYTHING that is good in it?

Maybe it wasn’t a terrible movie in the technical sense. It didn’t even destroy my faith in cinema the way that Wild Wild West did (but then again, that WAS the first movie that ever Hurt Me, Betrayed Me) What do I know, I’m no Ebert, my life isn’t Movies. But--
I mean, isn’t there a POINT when you are creating something that you step back and realize…Huh, you know, it sorta looks WRONG that our main good guys are white but their entire tribe is ethnic-looking. It’s sorta really BORING to having Katara only around to declare it’s time to go, to have Sokku around to…really do nothing, not even insert any much needed levity. Isn’t there a POINT where you realize how horribly you’ve miscast people, or how MIND-NUMBINGLY DULL it is to use landscaped voice-over exposition scenes to move the plot forward when that’s ALL you’re doing?

I could go on and on, like, exploring how the series addressed the issue of the Earth Nation’s enslavement and how they find the courage to rise up against the Fire Nation—and how the movie MADE IT REALLY FUCKING STUPID. But you know what? I just feel…numb. M. Night Shyamalan obviously didn’t give a shit about what he was doing, so, why should I even bother?
If M. Night Shyamalan made this because his daughter loved the series, than he must REALLY, REALLY hate his daughter. That’s the only way to explain how he managed to suck the soul out of something he was handed on a silver-screen platter.

And wow, Aang. Aang. Aang, Aang, Aang. I’m so sorry. You were such a fun, interesting, slightly tragic but AMAZING little boy of a character. But here…you’re nothing but a bland, blank...well…AVATAR of a character.

I can’t claim I’m a die-hard Airbender fan, I’m still working my way through the series. But to all Benders out there, you have my Deepest Sympathies. I know your pain. Take comfort in the fact that they may have fucked your Movie, but they will never take your Original.

Nella Out.