Date: 2010-07-16 08:24 pm (UTC)
What I resent about the complaints is that they deny your agency. Oh, so you're not what our society thinks of as "hot," so you must lack the intelligence to have noticed! And so what Lindsay has been saying in the videos must be news to you! And you must be magically oblivious to the point of the BFF video! Ah, chubby, tomboyish girls, those poor social idiots. They just have no idea what's going on around them!

It's just really insulting to your intelligence and agency. And, I mean, I'm a feminist who is big on body-image and socialization issues, and I think that all of that was a brilliant critique of our society. I spent years as a kid being made over like that, and I adored the posts. Keep that shit coming, because it rocks. Concern-trolling for the mental health of someone who actively decides to participate in a critique is just ridiculous.
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