Date: 2010-07-20 09:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I lack an account too, but really wanted to comment.

Nella, I love yours and Lindsey's stuff. A particular highlight that springs to mind is the back and forth during the Mulan and Labyrinth reviews. And I was really surprised when I found out people had issues with the Grease video.
Humour and the internet is a weird thing. More than once has my own personal brand of humour been taken the wrong way in forums and blogs. Normally I put it down to being English because we have a very sarcastic and self-depricating sense of humour in general.
But do people really think that either you or the Chick are so vindictive that you'd genuinely cause distress to others (including each other) for the sake of internet videos? Now that is what's really off here.

I'm a BFF (using your definition) myself and once upon a time people treated me badly for simply how I was. However I found the Grease video and the Makeover Fairy to be funny and satirical, showing the absurdity of the makeover sequences in crappy teen films.

Unfortunately we live in a time when so many things are easy to read the wrong way. So I just say keep up the awesome work in the videos and screw the haters because haters are gonna hate.

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