Re: JeanJacket Here

Date: 2010-11-24 03:18 pm (UTC)
agentanachronism: (Nom Nom Nom.)
Icon away! Oh but PLEASE leave me a link to it, so I can use it too! ^_^

Psh, Bertie says that like there's a chance Jeeves wouldn't know how to deal with space!Cthulhu.

OBVIOUSLY the answer would be the Agatha Maneuver. Not even Cthulhu could win over THAT aunt!

Who is truly and deeply in love with every female officer aboard, yes? XD ABSOLUTELY! AND with any attractive alien diplomats that the USS Enterprise/Drones just happens to be escorting at the moment. And then Bertie causes a galactic scene through a SERIOUS misunderstanding, and Jeeves fixes everything with his Logic.

XD I can't see this ship lasting more than ten minutes into its first voyage.

Might I remind you that they have Jeeves at the right hand of the man in the chair. They'll be FINE. It's the REST of the universe you have to worry about...
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