I'm in the neck stretch of nanowrimo (and pitifully, PITIFULLY behind on my word count), and ALSO do have a long list of things I wish to post here first; but a certain JeanJacket7 and I just had a bit of a Jeeves and Wooster AU squee fest, and I just HAD to share this, because something things were just MEANT to be together:


Someone asked over at the STXI anon-meme asked for a Jeeves/Spock story (GOD, could you IMAGINE the eyebrow wars? Hell, even McCoy could jump in and try to hold his own, McCoy’s got a hellava eyebrow himself there…) but all I could imagine was Jeeves and Wooster...crewing the USS Enterprise.

CAPTAIN!BERTIE!: I say, Jeeves, is this thing on? Oh, good, right-o. Captain’s Log, star date 22…er…I say, Jeeves? How do these bally star dates work again? Well, that doesn’t make much sense, does it? I mean to say, good lord, could Starfleet have made them more confusing, what?

Oh, right, um, Space! The final whatsit. These are journeys of the Starship Enterprise--

CAPTAIN!BERTIE: I say, Jeeves, it's a whatsit.


C!BERTIE: You know, a thingamagummy. What's the word, you know, when something isn't what its' suppose to be?

FO!JEEVES: I believe the word you are looking for is "anomaly", sir.

C!BERTIE: That's the ticket! Anomaly. Dashed useful word, that. Gets right to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it, Jeeves?

DOCTOR!GLOSSUP: *enters, fuming* What is the meaning of all this, Wooster!?

C!BERTIE: What ho, Glossup old bean! Seems we've come across an anomaly. Can't figure out what the deuce it is though. Don't suppose you have any ideas?

DOCTOR!GLOSSUP: *haughty eyebrow of doom* Captain Wooster, I am a doctor, NOT a quantum physicist.

FO!JEEVES: *coughing gently like a sheep on a pastoral hill on Rigel 7* I believe it is a lightening storm in space, sir, cause by the sudden creation of a black hole, a singular phenomena that--

C!BERTIE: Jeeves!

FO!JEEVES: Yes, sir?

C!BERTIE: Now, usually I'm all for that sciencey stuff.

FO!JEEVES: Indeed, sir.

C!BERTIE: But there's some sort of bally squid-like nightmare coming out of that anoma-agummy--

FO!JEEVES: Yes, it does put one in mind of the works of HP Lovecraft, and his creation of the monstrous creature known as Chuthlu—


LIEUTENANT!BINGO: I say, Bertie! They're firing on us!

C!BERTIE: Good lord, really?

FO!JEEVES: Sir, if I might recommend red alert, and evasive maneuvers?

C!BERTIE: Now, see here, Jeeves, I'm all for the proper feudal spirit but I'm the captain here and I'll give the--RED ALERT! EVASIVE MANUEVERS! AND THROW UP THOSE BALLY SHIELDS!


From: (Anonymous)

Re: JeanJacket Here

Thanks! Will do :)

Agatha >>>>> Corbomite. Although now I'm imagining her being kept onboard a starship in a little cell or something, to be taken out and brought in front of the view screens whenever those pesky Klingons try anything funny.

And then Bertie causes a galactic scene through a SERIOUS misunderstanding, and Jeeves fixes everything with his Logic.

Just think of all the cultural differences he would make a mess out of... "Proposal?! What? All I did was shake her hand!"

Might I remind you that they have Jeeves at the right hand of the man in the chair. They'll be FINE. It's the REST of the universe you have to worry about...

Ah, of course, of course. My mistake. Although I do wonder who they've got down in the engine rooms...
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