It’s been a long time, mein leiblings. Missed me?

Regardless of how much better suited Twitter and Facebook updating is to my criminally short attention span, the time has come (the walrus said) to attempt this..."blogging"...once more. Maybe it stems from a foolish desire to force myself to be more productive. Maybe it grows from a foolish idea that blogging might actually help me organize myself better. Maybe—

Oh, sod it. I just want to prove I can be as cleverly entertaining as I think I am.

So, stay tuned!

ADDENDUM: I am absolutely terrible when it comes to thinking of things I could write about. SO! Consider this entry an open invitation to ask questions/propose topics etc etc etc. Come come, drop something in the bucket and maybe I'll spin gold from it!

...Well, in the very least, I'll brush up on my Bullshit. ^_^
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Talk of many things, man. Welcome back.

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I believe you are a fan of history, and I know you have at least a passing interest in British fiction... might you take a stab at the lineage of that fine and venomous family, the Blackadders?

Failing that, an essay on the beards of dwarf women should suffice. Good to see you back!

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Uuuuh. A blog *puts on stalkerhat* big fan of yours and Nostalgia Chicks work on TGWTG. ^^d
your Picard VS Kirk skit is still my favorit. (and your topten dances) =D

hmmm topics. *thoughtful pose*
Nostalgia chick's notorious review of Dune. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the movie.
I read the book back in my early teens and it hit me like I suspect fantasy fans expect LotR to hit people. So when I saw the movie, even having been warned, I sat like this 0A0 through most of it.
Disappointed doesn't quite convey the feeling I was left with. betrayed is better.

Also. You being a trek fan, I'd like to hear you thoughts on the new Star trek movie.
(I personally still claim that any single faction in warhammer 40k would make short work of the Enterprise and their precious prime directive)
But that's the Warhammer 40k nerd revving the chainsword.