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The Ballad of the (Doctor's) Scarf


I threw this post together while on my lunch break. It was really just a jaunty, silly little exercise. I spent the rest of my day in relative news-silence, and posted this only to discover that the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen passed away today.

So I'll keep the post as is otherwise, but I did want to pay my respects to our Sarah Jane Smith first. It was a pleasure watching you on screen, madam.


Some day I will understand how it is I can be so lucky in fannish things, and have not a bit of luck in others. But tonight at the Bell House is ANOTHER 2-part premiere of Doctor Who season 6, and I’m GOING. My 4th Doctor Scarf is in my bag, and in my impatience for 7 pm to arrive due to the fact I lack a functioning TARDIS, I’ve started reminiscing about when I was knitting my Doctor scarf in the first place.

But since I’m bored, and too bored to write a proper post recollecting my geekish knitting experience, I’ve put down in ballad form!

…very BAD ballad form. I never said I was any GOOD at poetry.

Artistic liberty artistically had its merry way with the Facts, M’am.

I present to you…


The Ballad of the Scarf

Gather around all ye with ears
and hear the yarn I spin.
Of a fannish lass
And what came to pass;
Hark! I shall begin.

Twas in the fall of twentyten
And the lass began to ponder
Of revelry
And costuming
For Halloween was near upon her.

“What shall I be?” she asked her friends,
“What should I wear?” she cried.
“It must be good,
It must be fun; an ode
To geekish pride!”

“Something OBSCURE!” one friend declared.
“Something all would know!” another.
“You still dress up
For Halloween?”
…asked her mother.

For a scarf with length unparalleled
She’d for a long time pined.
and a thought did hit,
sense was forfeit
and the planets did align.

For the 4th Doctor was her favorite,
And the scarf he had was long
In colors she appreciated
And in a stitch she could not do wrong.

Many versions were there,
And many did she find.
And season 16 did she pick;
She choose the pattern,
double quick
For the deadline prayed on her mind.

She purchased all the yarn on sale
But the colors were not QUITE right—
But this did not leave her desolate
For this lass was resolute
And the difference was quite slight.

A week did pass
Progress was made,
Another week, and two;
A fourth of the way,
And then half of the way;
Oh! How the scarf grew.

But every day, she knit those stitches,
30 rows or more.
And her wrists did ache and moan
She grew weary to the bone—
What was she knitting FOR!?

“I knit at BARS!” she told her friend,
“I knit while I’m at home!
I sit and knit,
And knit and sit,
And don’t want to anymore!”

“I’m done! I’m through!” she told her friend.
“It won’t be done, I fear!
I’ll slow it down,
Take my time,
And be the Doctor another year!”

But then the friend did give a grin
And leaning close, make an offer:
“I will be your Sarah Jane,
If you will be my Doctor.”

She knit at parties,
She knit in bars,
She knit while watching movies.
She knit at rallies,
And during lunch
And while she was commuting.

And when people did recognize
Her at the Comic Con,
She smiled as they took her picture;
And still she knitted on.

Halloween finally came
And she cast off and blocked her scheme.
She was only three-quarters thru,
But Tom Baker is six foot and two,
So it fit her like a dream.

And now she wears the scarf she knit
Wherever Geeks may go.
So if you find you’re at a Con
Or watching the Doctor in a bar
Courtesy of BBC America--

Raise a glass
And nod your head
To half-mad roads
That geeks will tread
And all for accuracy!
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[personal profile] puckling 2011-04-19 08:38 pm (UTC)(link)
and hear the yarn I spin.


the scarf

[identity profile] 2011-04-29 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I now fully understand your abject refusal to consider knitting a scarf for me, someone you do not even know, it was a ridiculous thought on my part. Ridiculous, and thoroughly narcissistic. I should be lashed with a wet noodle.

Though I must admit, after reading your beautiful ode to Mr. Baker's scarf, I am somewhat less optimistic about knitting my own...