I have a confession to make.

I am…a DC.

Now, I’m not saying I hate Marvel, oh hell no! It’s just that if I were to pick up a comic, it’ll be, say, Justice League rather than the Avengers. I grew up with Spiderman and X-Men and the like, but my loyalties keep wandering back to DC.

That being said, I will NEVER say no to a new superhero movie—a lesson I learned the hard way thanks to that Seth Rogan-driven, piece of shit Green Hornet.

*lip wibble*

I am NOT as familiar with the mythos behind the Marvel heroes that make up the Avengers. Honestly, I’m sort of glad I don’t, because I’ve been coming to these pre-Avengers movies able to enjoy them as the ignorant wo-manchild I am, getting to watch them as new, interconnected building blocks of AWESOME. Ever since Iron Man I’ve been ready for the pay off. I want to see how this all comes together.

--although the whole time I’ve been wondering where this Norse-ish God-like dude fits in.

Yes, yes, yes. I admit it. I don’t know Marvel’s Thor from Adam. As I kid I’d look at the Thor covers and think that seemed all a little too ridiculous for my tastes*. There. Scorn me. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to finish.

So I went into a viewing of Thor on Saturday with 3 purposes in mind:
1) To get up to speed on Thor’s place in this Avenger’s movie-canon
2) To see some Pretty a.k.a. Chris Hemsworth a.k.a. Papa!Kirk.**
3) To see what would hopefully be a good movie.

3 out of 3, BOO YEA!

I didn’t think I’d buy it as hard as I did. Asgard. Bought it. Frost Giants. Bought it. 9 Realms, Rainbow Bridges made of Science-Magic, Thor the Idiot-but-Will-Learn-His-Lesson Muscle, Loki the Embodiment-of-Chaos-and-Always-Thinking-Everyone’s-as-Duplicitious-as-he-is-and-it-Drives-Him-Bad, S.H.I.E.L.D. just ALWAYS having to DEAL with this CRAZY ASS BULLSHIT--


I’m going to stop there. Suffice to say it isn’t BETTER than Iron Man, but it’s a solid origins/journey story that makes characters that looked as if they stepped out of a damn DnD campaign FEEL like they belong as well to a world that has Stark Industries and a Big Green Guy who just has problems with his feelings and a Dude in red white and blue who fought for Truth and Justice—

And I loved every minute of it.

Come to me, Oh Captain America. Come, oh Avengers. Let’s DO this.

Also, stay for the end credits. Cause hell yea. HELL. YEA.

*I know. Eesh, younger self, they’re frickin’ COMIC BOOKS. *eye roll*
**What? I never claimed I wasn't shallow.

From: (Anonymous)

I always stay for the end credits at Marvel movies...

I'm probably not going to see this one in theaters though which is really depressing...
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From: [personal profile] puckling

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As a fellow DC, I will think thoughts about seeing this movie.
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From: [personal profile] puckling

The lack of awesome Wonder Woman movie is a tragedy, you're totally right.

From: [personal profile] addygryff

Hello, I'm a marvel, and even I don't care much for the Thor comics. I don't know, the mythology nerd in me is a bit confused about the whole thing, I suppose. Having said that, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. Oh, Loki. <3

Looking forward to Captain America now as well. So many comic bok adaptations this year. I don't even remember when I last went to the cinema so fequently.

- Hoping randomly jumping in as a strange stranger is not too creepy. I cannot resist the call of comic-movie talk.
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From: [personal profile] bououou

They found a ZPM?

-Quoting a friend at the end of the credits.

From: [identity profile] vovatia.wordpress.com

I'm not much of a comic reader, but I have read a fair amount of Norse mythology. I wonder if I'd like the movie.

From: [identity profile] musinginquisitor.blogspot.com

I was greatly amused by Thor, well mainly it was a good hero flick. But also because I never could take the whole marvel norse gods seriously, since I grew up with the norse mythology alot closer to me (being danish and all. Aesgir worship is a recognized religion in these parts. honest to god XD)
So all the inconsistentsies with the lore made the movie unintentionally funny.
Loki being Odins son instead of bloodbrother. Sif having black hair instead of gold, not to mention not being Thors wife.
Also thor being a young ruffian with Asterix wings on his helmet XD
Oh yeah. Frost giants, what happened to the fire giants, shadow giants, trolls and everything in between? =P
And where was the bloody Midgar worm?

totally looking forward to Captain america too ^^d

From: (Anonymous)

And I'm a warhammer 40k ;)

From: (Anonymous)

My foray into comics pretty much began and ended with the X-Men, so pretty much everything else about the Marvelverse I learend by association. And Thor always did strike me as an odd entry in the Avengers or even the universe. Why would you need a whole team when you have one super powered god/demi-god running around?

But I went to see the movie, and it was awesome. Please, please, please don't screw up Captain America!

From: [identity profile] batgirl39.livejournal.com

I'm a Marvel, but I don't discriminate due to my love of comics in general. However, I've been jaded before. Lured in to movies such as Catwoman and Daredevil (and dare I say...Elektra T_T) by the promise of awesome effects and perhaps even a faithful origin story, only to be disappointed. Iron Man has won me back, but I'm being cautious. Thor is on my list, as is Captain America (and X-Men: First Class since I love them so), but something like Green Lantern has me raising a skeptical eyebrow.

Glad to hear you liked Thor though, I'm looking forward to when I can get a moment to go see it.

Also, random stranger but a big fan of your videos and your writing myself, I hope you don't mind me popping my head in here for a while.

From: (Anonymous)

I really liked this film too. Granted it had its flaws and its plot-holes, but it was fun. Besides how many times are you going to see SPACE VIKINGS! with some dignity am I right? Shame that BRIAN BLESSED! didn't get to play Odin, but then again, the universe can only take so much awesome (and volume) at a time.

What I really loved about this movie though was it's look. This movie is basically one big 2hour 10 minute love letter to Jack "The King" Kirby. This movie just embraced everything that was Kirby: Larger-than-Life characters, stunning visuals, amazing character design, the whole package. In many ways this is probably the closest we could ever really get to a New Gods movie when you think about it. More so than Masters of the Universe.

I can't wait for Captain America! Nazis! Super Soldiers! Nerds Inheriting the Earth! Dum Dum Dugan! Hells Yeah!