Despite this weekend’s best endeavors, this week was NOT preemptively ruined. In fact, this may go down as one of the best ‘Monday-Friday’s I’ve had in a good long while!*

Take THAT, weekend workplace melt-down/familia hell/rained-out meteor shower! HA!

Last night I got the rare case of Mid-Week Awesomeness by going to the My Drunk Kitchen party hosted at Housing Works Book Store and Café (which is an amazing little book store with a great cause to boot so if you can, totally check it out!)

In case you’ve been living under a rock** and haven’t had a friend throw this youtube series at you with the threat that if you fail to watch it your friendship is DEAD***, My Drunk Kitchen is an entirely uproarious web-series created by the adorably incomparable Hannah Harto.

Now, I tend to suffer pretty bad second-hand drunk!embarrassment; I think the only reason I enjoy the “Drunk History” series so much is because I adore the “historical reenactments" which make listening to the besotted narrator bearable. Lindsay once filmed me retelling The Christmas Story (the Jesus one, not the “Shoot your eye out, kid” one) while I was totally blitzed, and I point-blank refused to let her post it online. She assured me that with editing and things it would be hilarious, but there’s a part of me that still doesn’t believe her.

My Drunk Kitchen has the double-edge fantastic of 1) being brilliantly edited by someone who is 2) brilliantly hilarious and absolutely adorable while wasted. I suspect Hannah Harto is both of these things in the cold light of sobriety as well. She was both of those things last night during her Q&A, but she WAS drinking mimosas.

Hannah answered all manner of questions about how this nonsense all got started, the dangers of getting labeled “that drunk chick”, where she’s going from here, and shared her best creeper story. We then watched the next My Drunk Kitchen episode, which is still in rough cut and (SPOILERS!) about latkes. It is also (SPOILERS!) funny as hell.

After the Q&A there was picture-taking/hand-shaking/accolades-heaping time. One day I’ll find an acceptable way of saying “hey, I work on making internet videos too! We should network! Talk shop when there aren’t 300 people wanting to meet you standing behind me!”

…Oh wait, that WAS the acceptable way, wasn’t it? GAH!

…Well, I still have that picture. That is, I will have it once I hunt down that friend of a friend who actually brought their camera.


*Knockin’ on wood as I type that.
**Like you do.
***Like I do.

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