A little birdie in a tree tells me that in the TLC show “Geek Love” there is someone suspiciously Nella-like in the background of one of the NY Comic Con speed dating sessions. This person is suspiciously Nella-like because it WAS me.

I’m one of the more chronically single of my friend-set. My problem is that as long as I can drag someone out for drinks and shenanigans, I don’t feel LONELY. I don’t sit at home crying and eating ice cream over bachelorhood*. I don’t feel like the “FOREVER ALONE” troll face. I suspect when my biological clock finally does go off, it’ll rain some serious Blitzkrieg on my tuches but I’ve traditionally been…meh. I don’t like dating for the sake of having a date. I DO tend to fall in love with friends after months of getting to know them better (it’s terrible, I DON’T recommend it) but it doesn’t happen OFTEN. I am one of those unfortunates that usually has to grow accustomed to a face; I tend to fall first for a personality, and then features grow on me.**

But of my circle, I'm the Single One. So while running around NY Comic Con we kept seeing signs about Geek Speed Dating, and I was intrigued. After all, I’m single. Why not? If anything, I could blog about it afterwards.

Geek Speed Dating is run by Ryan Glitch, who organizes various speed dating events. He was a crass, crude sweetie dressed in Jedi robes, and was there to make sure everyone was too busy laughing to get nervous. Overall the environment was fun, exciting and felt safe (especially as the event bouncer was The Goddamn Batman****) but--

It was all too FAST. With a late start and only a few minutes with each person, I felt more like I was back in high school taking the SATs than looking for love. I understand the gist is to run with that first impression and not get so hung up mentally, to get that first date so you can actually get to know the person but I felt nothing but confusion. I’m not even sure I thought of these guys as humans (Sorry!). It felt more like an audition or interview than two people having a conversation.

I put my name down on a few of the guy’s sheets, but was actually a little relived when nobody came a callin’, so to speak.

I recommend trying it out, even if just once. If the very idea makes you nervous, trust me on this: Geek Speed Dating won't kill you, it won't even hurt. You can find more information at their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SciFiSpeedDating).

But as for myself, give me a chill bar and a friend of a friend I’ve never met before. Give me the person that after a couple hours and a few beers has me quoting Casablanca. Give me the start of a beautiful friendship. Nothing might come of it (I AM the Single One, after all), but at least it’ll make me happy.

Now on that note, anybody doing anything Thursday? I know a bar in Brooklyn with a TARDIS for the bathroom that is hosting a moustache-themed burlesque show and I am just DYING to go. 

* I just sit at home and eat ice cream over Netflix.
**…Remind me to NEVER tell this one friend of mine that I uber-crushed on that when we first met I thought he looked like a total DOOFUS until we actually had a conversation that wasn’t work related***.
***The man looks like a total doofus in pictures though; I SWEAR TO GOD they do NOT do him any lick of justice.
****No really. He was dressed in a Batman suit. It was awesome

From: (Anonymous)

I did that at FanExpo in Toronto. Ryan Glitch is awesome, I really appreciated how safe he made the girls feel.
snapesgirl34: Purple Octopus (Default)

From: [personal profile] snapesgirl34

Ha, wow, you sound like me. Well the part about taking a long time to get a crush because you're attracted to personalities and being perfectly fine single, not the speed dating part, I don't think I'd have the balls for something like that. ;) Glad to know their are other women out there who don't feel like they need a man (or woman) in their life to be happy.

I have been hearing great things about the bar with the Tardis bathroom. Apparently it also has a steampunk theme. I had not heard about the mustache burlesque show, however, that just makes it sound even better!

unavee: Parker (Leverage) with colorful circles and swirls over her head (paintbynumber)

From: [personal profile] unavee

Oh hey, I saw the signs about the speed dating and was curious about them, too! Although not enough to actually brave it and sign up. Thanks for writing up your experience about it, especially since I identify with the first part about not feeling the angst over being single.

From: (Anonymous)

TARDIS bathroom! Now I really wish that I lived in New York.

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